Owning Your Mens Sex Fetish

Everyone knows that a mens sex fetish is as common as grass growing in the summer. It is just something that happens. In fact, most men probably have a fetish and just don’t want to admit to it. These fetishes can be anything from loving feet to a bit of water sports. It all depends on what the interests of the men as to what direction they will turn in these fetishes. A fetish is usually something that kind of creeps up on you and hits when you least expect it. You may not even realize that you have a fetish, per se. All that you may know is that there is this one thing that really turns you on and gets you revved up sexually.

The thing about a mens sex fetish is that they rarely share these turn ons with their partners, and that is something that is imperative to the success of your physical relationship. If you don’t tell your partner what turns you on; how will he or she know how to fulfill your deepest sexual desires? Your partner is going to eventually realize that you are not getting as much from your encounters as you should be. That is when he or she will start experimenting with various things to see if you cannot be enticed into losing control. It’s a shame that so much time and energy will be wasted when you could just own up to your fetish.

Sharing your mens sex fetish with your partner is the best thing that you can ever do for your relationship. Once your partner knows what you really like, your sex life is apt to become a lot better than it ever was. You will then wonder why you ever kept this secret to yourself when you could have been having a lot of fun all this time. Granted, some fetishes may be considered more than a little odd and, in those cases, caution is most likely the best option. But even then, you can probably work your way into confessing your deepest desires and start truly enjoying your sex life.


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Finding Others to Share My Mens Sex Fetish



Enjoying my mens sex fetish has gotten a lot easier over the years. I think it has a lot to do with the Internet allowing people to explore things in life that they might not otherwise have shared with people. Being able to find others in the world that enjoy the same things that you do helps bring these fetishes out into the light for everyone to see. Once people start realizing that there are others out there that share these same interests and feelings; it makes it easier to find something that won’t judge you anymore.

I have been involved in this mens sex fetish for most of my life but I wasn’t always able to enjoy it in the past. I would have to spend a lot of time trying to meet someone in person and steer the conversations around to the fetish that I was hoping they would enjoy as much as I do. Of course that didn’t always work out for the best, but now it is much easier to log online and find a group of guys talking about the fetish that is such a huge part of my life. I can usually join right in and start having fun immediately, too.

Of course meeting guys online that enjoy a mens sex fetish isn’t always the safest thing to do. There are a lot of weirdoes out in the world and you have to be careful about where you meet them just to be on the safe side. Of course I don’t meet that many guys in real life as I am just as happy to enjoy my fetish online as I am anyway else. On the other hand, when I do hook up with someone, I always make sure to meet them in public, during the day, and usually with a friend along just to be on the safe side.



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Allowing Myself to Enjoy a Mens Sex Fetish

I have been living with my mens sex fetish for so long that I don’t even consider it a fetish any more. I feel that it is just another extension of my life rather than the fetish that most people would see it as. When you enjoy something so much that it becomes a part of you in every way possible, then does it really count as a fetish? I would have to say that it doesn’t. But there are a lot of guys in the world that would argue the finer points of what a fetish is and I am sure they would feel they are completely right.

I used to think anyone with a fetish, let alone a mens sex fetish, was completely insane. I always thought that having a fetish meant there was something fundamentally wrong with you on some level. That probably has more to do with the way society in general looks at things like fetishes, though. I was raised to believe that sexual deviants are not to be messed with and that I should do everything in my power to stay away from them if I can. I think that type of thinking shouldn’t be forced on others now.

If you have a mens sex fetish, and you enjoy it, then there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t go around forcing everyone around me to hear about my fetish exploits or anything like that so why should people that don’t understand how a fetish helps others go around forcing their opinion on us? I think more people would be happier in their lives if they just had a chance to truly experience a fetish like this without feeling like they are morally bankrupt for doing so. Then maybe the sexualized world would be allowed to have a chance in the light of day.



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Learning When to Speak about Your Mens Sex Fetish

When it comes to having a mens sex fetish, most people aren’t going to see it as something normal. I know his because I have this kind of fetish and, when I was younger, I tried explaining it to people. I lost a lot of possible friends by doing something like that and regret it deeply now that I am older. On the other hand, I have learned from those mistakes and I don’t tell anyone about my fetish unless I find out that they too enjoy something similar to what I do. Then, I will tell them about everything I like.

Trying to keep your mens sex fetish a secret can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but it’s worth the effort. I have had to come up with a lot of excuses because people have found me involved in something to do with my fetish that they probably shouldn’t have seen. Every time that happens, though, it seems like they don’t fully believe me and I end up seeing them less and less as the months go by. Until one day you realize that this person hasn’t been in your life for a long time.

I do have a couple of friends that I have shared my secret mens sex fetish with and they still accept me for who I am. I even have a few that enjoy the same fetish and they just didn’t know it until I told them about mine. One friend even thought there was something wrong with him until he found out that there were plenty of other men in the world that enjoyed the same fetish as he did. He didn’t even know about it until we started up a conversation that turned into a fetish talk. Now he comes to me all the time with things that he has found out, which is a bit odd to say the least. But I guess he just needs to talk to someone he can trust.




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Most Guys Have a Mens Sex Fetish

Most Guys Have a Mens Sex Fetish

There are very few guys that don’t have a mens sex
fetish. It’s not many of these guys that haven’t stood around in groups
watching a fine ass or a great rack walk by. For gay guys, it’s those awesome
tight and toned asses and impressive bulges that they love to watch. You’ve
probably even heard guys say how they are “ass men” or “breast men.” Other guys
may love feet or hair. You might have even made some of these statements
yourself.  The thing that you may not
have realized is that you most likely have a fetish when it comes to these

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a mens sex
fetish. So many people refuse to talk about these things because they’ve been
told over and over again that something like this is sick or wrong. Nothing
could be further from the truth! A fetish is simply another way to rev up a
sexual encounter from ordinary to extraordinary. Rarely is a fetish so serious
that a man must have it around or be involved in it if he wants to have a
successful sexual encounter. That doesn’t mean that it won’t happen that way
for some men, but it’s not always the case.

The important thing to understand is that having a
mens sex fetish is a very normal occurrence. It may interest you to know that
women have sex fetishes as well. They just may not talk about them quite as
much as guys do. At any rate, a sex fetish can be perfectly healthy and can go
a long way in amping up sexual activity. No one needs to be ashamed of sharing
their fetish. It doesn’t matter what the fetish is; there will almost always be
someone else out in the world who shares it.
You just have to find them.



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Sometimes a Mens Sex Fetish Needs to be Secret

Sometimes a Mens Sex Fetish Needs to be Secret

If you are
someone that has a mens sex fetish or you know someone else that does, then you
know how important it is to keep it secret from certain individuals in your
life. While there are some people that you can share your fetish with, there
are those that would probably be a lot happier if you didn’t. Think of it this
way; you wouldn’t want to hear about your grandmother’s anal fetish, would you?
Well, there is probably a good chance that she doesn’t want to hear about yours,

Now keeping
a mens sex fetish to yourself isn’t going to be quite as easy as you might
think. Especially when you consider the fact that most of your fetish options
can be found online fairly easily and people have gotten pretty good at finding
information on someone else’s computer over the years. You have to admit that
some things in life should be kept in the closet. That’s why you need to think
carefully about whom you want knowing of your little secret. But it might a bit
difficult for you to keep a secret like this from your own partner. How many
secrets do you think your partner already knows about, anyway?

Your mens
sex fetish is only going to be exciting for you if you have someone to share it
with most of the time anyway. You just have to decide who those people are and
how much you want them knowing about it. Once you have entrusted that person
with your secret, you will also need to make sure they don’t tell anyone about
it. Word can spread fairly quickly amongst friends and, if you have some
friends like I do that you don’t want having this kind of information handy,
then you might want to watch your back with who you tell these sorts of things.


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Accepting My Mens Sex Fetish

Accepting My Mens Sex Fetish

Having a mens sex fetish was something that I
thought was a bit perverted just a few years ago. I never understood why anyone
would fall into something that took such preparation to be involved in just to
enjoy a sexual encounter for the most part. It didn’t matter what kind of
fetish it was, either; they all seemed to be a bit out of the realm of reality
to me. But then something changed and I was forced to come to terms with the
fact that there was much more going on than a simple perversion.

The first ever mens sex fetish that I had a personal
hand in was some light bondage with an ex-partner of mine. It wasn’t anything
overly done up or anything like that. Just a light tying of the hands and feet
to the bedposts, but it was the act of lying there in this position that made
me realize that there must be something more to these fetishes than what I had
originally thought. So I decided to go out into the world and see what some of
these other fetishes were like and whether or not I could handle them for any
length of time.

It has been a couple of years since that first incident
of being tied up and I have tried plenty of different male sex fetish aspects
in that time. While I won’t say that I have tried them all; there are a few of
them that I would never feel comfortable with, I have tried enough of them to
understand why so many men are looking to experience something a bit different
from what everyone else is experiencing. Being able to look at things from both
perspectives has taught me a valuable lesson, and that I absolutely love having
a fetish now.

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Mens Sex Fetish and Your Special Someone

Mens Sex Fetish and Your Special Someone

Plenty of
guys have a mens sex fetish that they keep hidden away in the darkest recesses
of their closets, but I am here to tell you that the only way you are ever
going to fully appreciate it and enjoy it is by sharing it with at least one
other person in your life. Now you may think that your fetish is so far out
there that you won’t be able to find someone else that could possibly enjoy it
with you. But, believe it or not, there are others out there that will
understand why you love a particular fetish so much.

The world is
filled with so many different mens sex fetish aspects that it would be almost
impossible for you to live your entire life without finding someone to share
your fetish with. All you have to do is spend some time looking around online
for anyone that might share your interests. Besides, there is a good chance
that you are purchasing items of some nature for your fetish and that means
there are others that are purchasing them as well. If there wasn’t someone else
in the world that wanted them, then you probably couldn’t purchase any of these


I have been
lucky enough to find someone that enjoys the same mens sex fetish that I do and
it definitely makes things a lot better. I have always enjoyed my fetish by
myself, but being able to share it makes things much more intense and gives me
the chance to explore things even more than I could have ever done on my own. If
you are lucky enough to find someone that shares the same interests as you,
then you will get a chance to explore your own sexual encounters with that
special someone in your life. You are definitely going to enjoy yourself like
never when you have someone to share these special things with.


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A Feel Good Mens Sex Fetish

A Feel Good Mens Sex Fetish

I have a
mens sex fetish that revolves around swimwear. Most people think that I am
crazy for choosing to wear swimwear all the time like they are underwear, but I
just play it off like I am the consummate bachelor that never has time to do
all of his laundry. What they don’t understand is that every undergarment I own
is made up of some kind of swimwear. I keep them clean and wear a different
pair every day in order to keep things fresh in my life. What they don’t know
isn’t going to hurt me after all.

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When it
comes to mens sex fetish aspects, having one that involves swimwear probably
isn’t all that bad. Most people think about all the really freaky fetishes that
are out there and never look towards the more benign type. I think that is what
makes my fetish so special, to me at least. People can see me walking around in
my swimwear and never tell that I am always close to having an orgasm. Anyone
that has a fetish like this knows how that perpetual orgasmic sensation feels
and will understand immediately why I choose to have my swimwear as close to my
body at all times as possible.

Mens sex fetish freedom


Mens Sex Fetish Freedom

Having a
mens sex fetish is something that every guy reading this can enjoy. There is
nothing better than being able to experience something so extreme that you lose
all control of time and not even worry about it. Few things in life will be
able to do this, but your fetish is almost guaranteed to make you forget about
all the things in your life that have been stressing you out or making you worry.
In fact, you may find that most guys are getting involved in these fetishes in
order to relax after working all day long.


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Now, there
are some mens sex fetish aspects that should be kept as secret as possible, but
there are some that need to be taken out in public and shown off. If you can
manage to work up the nerve to take your fetish out into the mainstream, then
you are showing the entire world that you enjoy what you are doing and nothing
is going to bother you anymore. Few guys have the ability to let themselves go
like that, but the ones that do will tell you that there is nothing better than
having that kind of freedom in your life whenever you go out in public.