Owning Your Mens Sex Fetish

Everyone knows that a mens sex fetish is as common as grass growing in the summer. It is just something that happens. In fact, most men probably have a fetish and just don’t want to admit to it. These fetishes can be anything from loving feet to a bit of water sports. It all depends on what the interests of the men as to what direction they will turn in these fetishes. A fetish is usually something that kind of creeps up on you and hits when you least expect it. You may not even realize that you have a fetish, per se. All that you may know is that there is this one thing that really turns you on and gets you revved up sexually.

The thing about a mens sex fetish is that they rarely share these turn ons with their partners, and that is something that is imperative to the success of your physical relationship. If you don’t tell your partner what turns you on; how will he or she know how to fulfill your deepest sexual desires? Your partner is going to eventually realize that you are not getting as much from your encounters as you should be. That is when he or she will start experimenting with various things to see if you cannot be enticed into losing control. It’s a shame that so much time and energy will be wasted when you could just own up to your fetish.

Sharing your mens sex fetish with your partner is the best thing that you can ever do for your relationship. Once your partner knows what you really like, your sex life is apt to become a lot better than it ever was. You will then wonder why you ever kept this secret to yourself when you could have been having a lot of fun all this time. Granted, some fetishes may be considered more than a little odd and, in those cases, caution is most likely the best option. But even then, you can probably work your way into confessing your deepest desires and start truly enjoying your sex life.


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Finding Mens Sex Fetish Like Minds


Having a mens sex fetish can sometimes be a rather lonely experience. This is especially true when that fetish is one of those that not many people actually have or would even understand. Nothing can make a guy feel worse than having others make fun of his fetish. This happens even when the people making jokes have no clue that a man with that particular fetish is standing right there in their midst.


If you happen to be one of those men that feels isolated because of his fetish, you must start to think of it in a different way. For instance, consider that your mens sex fetish is so very special that you must keep it a secret. Now, take that a step further and realize that having a secret of this nature can be a lot of fun because you will have a reason to smile when others happen to bring up the subject of weird fetishes. Your fetish can be anything you want. After all, it is your fetish.


Something else that you might want to consider is searching online for some forums or communities of other people that share your fetish. Nothing can make you feel better than to find like minds in an area of a mens sex fetish that also belongs to you. These online places allow you to be comfortable as you chat with others that understand all about your fetish and just how much it means to you. These are the places to go to ask questions, answer questions and generally be open about how much you love your fetish. You’ll discover quite quickly that you’re not so weird at all, even if the fetish is weird to outsiders. It may even be that you’ll find a club of others with your fetish where you can attend regular meetings and have fun exchanging anecdotes about your fetish. There’s a group for everything. You just have to look for it.


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Finding Others to Share My Mens Sex Fetish



Enjoying my mens sex fetish has gotten a lot easier over the years. I think it has a lot to do with the Internet allowing people to explore things in life that they might not otherwise have shared with people. Being able to find others in the world that enjoy the same things that you do helps bring these fetishes out into the light for everyone to see. Once people start realizing that there are others out there that share these same interests and feelings; it makes it easier to find something that won’t judge you anymore.

I have been involved in this mens sex fetish for most of my life but I wasn’t always able to enjoy it in the past. I would have to spend a lot of time trying to meet someone in person and steer the conversations around to the fetish that I was hoping they would enjoy as much as I do. Of course that didn’t always work out for the best, but now it is much easier to log online and find a group of guys talking about the fetish that is such a huge part of my life. I can usually join right in and start having fun immediately, too.

Of course meeting guys online that enjoy a mens sex fetish isn’t always the safest thing to do. There are a lot of weirdoes out in the world and you have to be careful about where you meet them just to be on the safe side. Of course I don’t meet that many guys in real life as I am just as happy to enjoy my fetish online as I am anyway else. On the other hand, when I do hook up with someone, I always make sure to meet them in public, during the day, and usually with a friend along just to be on the safe side.



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Keeping a Mens Sex Fetish Secret

Keeping a Mens Sex Fetish Secret

When it
comes to my mens sex fetish, I like to think that I am not the only one out
there that enjoys it. I think that there are a lot of guys that enjoy a good
mens fetish now and then and that makes me feel a little more normal. Of course,
I am not going to come right out and ask someone if he enjoys fetishes like the
ones that I do, but I don’t have any problem with looking around online for
others that do. It’s quite interesting to see just how many men in this world
have some kind of fetish.

Not all mens
sex fetish aspects are going to be accepted by the general public. In fact,
even talking about some of the fetishes that are in existence can land you in
trouble with anyone that might be listening in to your conversation. The funny
thing is that my fetish is nothing more than a fantasy that I wouldn’t ever act
upon even given the chance. I think it’s more exciting to know that I will
never do it in real life, but can enjoy it as a fantasy in the privacy of my
own bedroom.

If you have
a mens sex fetish that you don’t think others would be comfortable with, then
you should find guys online that you can talk to. I know it helped me come to
the realization that there was nothing mentally wrong with me once I was able
to find some people to talk to about it. I won’t go into any details about my
fetish, but 99 percent of the world population would probably end up having me
stoned to death if they found out what it was. But it is just a fetish and I am
not hurting anyone when I think about it so I will continue to enjoy it until
my final day.

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Researching Mens Sex Fetish Online

Mens Sex Fetish

Researching Mens Sex Fetish Online

If you are
looking for a new mens sex fetish, then the best place for you to be is online.
There is nothing out there that hasn’t been turned into a fetish these days and
the Internet will have every single one of them available for you to find
information about. Of course, there are some that will probably make you feel a
bit uneasy at first, but you can always skip over those and move on to
something a bit more normal if you want to. Just remember that you are going to
be coming across a lot of things you never knew existed.

One of the
first things I ever did when looking into the world of mens sex fetish aspects
was to do a quick search online and see what I came up with. Amazingly, there
seemed to be more pages directing me to fetishes than there were for bible
references. I was shocked to see what some guys consider to be their favorite
fetish and how many different ways you could enjoy the same fetish if that’s
what you wanted. This is truly an amazing world we live in these days and I
look forward to what the future has to offer us especially in the area of


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A Feel Good Mens Sex Fetish

A Feel Good Mens Sex Fetish

I have a
mens sex fetish that revolves around swimwear. Most people think that I am
crazy for choosing to wear swimwear all the time like they are underwear, but I
just play it off like I am the consummate bachelor that never has time to do
all of his laundry. What they don’t understand is that every undergarment I own
is made up of some kind of swimwear. I keep them clean and wear a different
pair every day in order to keep things fresh in my life. What they don’t know
isn’t going to hurt me after all.

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When it
comes to mens sex fetish aspects, having one that involves swimwear probably
isn’t all that bad. Most people think about all the really freaky fetishes that
are out there and never look towards the more benign type. I think that is what
makes my fetish so special, to me at least. People can see me walking around in
my swimwear and never tell that I am always close to having an orgasm. Anyone
that has a fetish like this knows how that perpetual orgasmic sensation feels
and will understand immediately why I choose to have my swimwear as close to my
body at all times as possible.

Mens Sex Fetish

Curiosity with Mens Sex


There are quite a few people
out there that have a curiosity when it comes to mens sex fetish and all
the things that are involved in them. Of course, it would be rather pointless
to discuss every single fetish that has ever existed in a single sitting, but
there are a few of them that can be discussed in a short amount of time, and
they are fairly interesting to read about as well. Most fetishes that involve
men are usually about women, but there are some that involve other men as well.
The use of toys or accessories is fairly common as well.

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Not every guy out there has a
fetish, or at least they don’t think they have a fetish. Unfortunately, there
are just so many different fetishes that it is hard to nail down for sure every
sexual act or like that could be a fetish and separate them for the things that
are mostly not in the fetish aspect of a sexual encounter. For example, just
because you like a certain feature, say the posterior, of another person does
not mean you have a fetish. It just means that you like looking at a nice backside
and that’s about it. It is something that turns you on and makes you think of
other things that could become a fetish if you tend to dwell on them.


There are some sites on line
that cater to mens sex fetish wear. One of those happens to be
Koalaswim.com. This is a great site for any guy that is looking for something a
bit erotic to wear around the home or even out in public with some of the items
they have available. Now this doesn’t mean you have a fetish that requires you
to wear things like this, but some of the fetishes out there imply that wearing
these types of things will make your sexual encounters much more interesting
for you and your partner if they happen to have the same fetish that you have.


You should understand that a
sex fetish is not about being creepy, like the guy from Silence of the Lambs;
but it is usually something that is a major turn on and can be a bit unsettling
for some people. Some mens sex fetish aspects can tend to be illegal if
actually acted upon, and those are usually the ones you want to stay away from.
However, there are plenty of fetish options out there that are just plain fun,
and these are the ones most guys seem to find pleasing to them.


One of the fastest growing mens
sex fetish
themes is in cross-dressing and feminization. These are actually
very interesting aspects that guys have usually thought of at least once or
twice during their childhood and finally reached adulthood so that they can act
them out. Most guys remember seeing an older female family member in bra and
panties and wondered what it was like to have to wear things like that. Because
they are so young, they probably don’t understand that male and female bodies
are much different, and so they start to fantasize about what it is like to
wear women’s clothing all the time. This is usually how a cross dresser is born
and there is nothing wrong with that. If a guy wants to dress up in women’s
clothing, then why should there be a problem with it?


Mens sex fetish aspects that have to do with being turned into a
woman is an act of feminization. This is where a man is literally transformed
into a woman in his fantasy and will usually involve some kind of procedure,
either real or completely fictional like alien abduction, which takes his male
parts and turns them into female parts. One thing that feminization seekers
dream about is having their penis and testicles turned into vaginas.
Koalaswim.com actually offers G-string like pieces that will do the same thing
by tucking the penis and testicles between the thighs and under the crotch for
you. There are a lot of guys that love to be feminized and then forced to go
out dressed in skirts so that they can be made to have sex with multiple guys
at clubs and bars. This is a sex fetish that has been catching on and becoming
increasingly popular over the last few years.


Another mens sex fetish
that has gained a bit more attention over the years is becoming a slave. The
submissive slave is forced to do the master’s or mistress’s bidding, no matter
what that may be, and they enjoy every single minute of it. This may include
things like licking the floor clean or being treated like a dog by whomever is
in charge for the duration of the fetish play. There are plenty of submissive
fetish wear options that Koalaswim.com has to offer you that are geared for
this kind of play as well.


In fact, one of the most
common fetish pieces that Koalaswim.com has to offer is called a chastity cage.
The chastity cage is a great way for mens sex fetish play in the
submissive role to reach new heights. It is the essential chastity belt that
women used to wear hundreds of years ago, but is made into a cage that your penis
and testicles are placed in and locked away so that you can no longer have an
erection. Of course, you can try to have an erection, but the cage is made in
such a way that it is impossible to become fully extended while wearing it.
With fetish play like this, you give your key to whomever is in charge of you at
that time and they are the only one that can let you out. This is a great way
to play around with control and teasing as well since it causes so much
pressure on the guy that is wearing the cage and becomes such a relief when it
is finally taken off that it almost reaches orgasmic aspects as soon as the key
is turned in the lock.


Some mens sex fetish
aspects are fairly benign and most guys don’t even think that they are a fetish
to begin with. Guys that use toys while masturbating do not normally think of
that as a fetish of any kind, but if they cannot reach climax without the use
of a toy, then it instantly becomes a fetish. The whole idea is that sexual
release is only accomplished with the aspect of the fetish that brings release
and, ultimately, an orgasm. So for all you guys out there that masturbate to
porn and can’t actually orgasm without it, you have a porn fetish. That doesn’t
mean that your mens sex fetish is something to be embarrassed about,
though. In fact, having a fetish is so common these days that you shouldn’t
even really think twice about things that make you orgasm and whether or not
they are a fetish. Just enjoy the fact that you have a healthy sex life and get
on with it.


If you can find a partner
that enjoys the same types of fetishes that you do, then you are doing even
better than you were before. Just think of all the times that you wanted to
tell someone about the things that turn you on and thought that you would be
laughed at or people might think you were crazy or weird. These days it doesn’t
really matter because sex is something that should be explored and enjoyed
rather than hidden away in your bedroom and out of site.


There are a few guys out
there that have a mens sex fetish that is better left to themselves,
though. These guys usually know that their fetish is a bit out there and prefer
to share it only with the people they fully trust and that understand that it
is nothing more than a fetish that they would never actually act on it in real
life. This type of fetish usually has a dark undertone to it that tends to be
right on the verge of being illegal and won’t be discussed here. You can find
plenty of websites online that will have more information about this type of
fetish if you are truly interested in finding out more about them. Guys with
this kind of fetish usually find that there are few, if any, other people out
there that share their same sexual desires and have no problem with keeping
them hidden from the rest of the world. Since most guys do not have these types
of fetishes, it is pretty easy to look past them and move on toward some that
are a bit more fun and off the wall.


There are a good number of mens
sex fetish
guys out there that love the thought of having someone, male or
female, breaking balloons by sitting on them while naked. This seems to be a
fetish aspect that is growing in number of participants as well. There are even
websites available that have web cams with people doing this type of thing for
anyone that wants to watch them. If you are into a fetish like this, then you
might want to wear some kind of erotic wear to protect certain parts of your
body from the exploding balloon and Koalaswim.com has plenty of options for you
to choose from. Not only will these items protect you from the balloon popping,
but they will look hot as well, and there is nothing better than looking good
while you are popping balloons for your fetish.


In fact, there is a lot of
fetish wear that you can purchase that will be suited for just about any fetish
you would like to participate in. It doesn’t matter if you are a Master or a
slave, if you enjoy being an exhibitionist, or if you simply want to walk
around your house with an anal hook, Koalaswim.com has all kinds of options for
you to choose from that will take your mens sex fetish to new and
exciting heights in no time. All you have to do is decide what kind of erotic
gear would work the best for your fetish and purchase them. You have so many
options that you might want to take your time and actually imagine what you
would look like in them as you are browsing. Of course, you might find that as
a kind of fetish as well, and that makes it even better.


Being into fetishes is
something that guys should savor and have fun with. A few decades ago, having a
fetish was something that was usually frowned upon and people made you feel
guilty for thinking the things you did. However, these days most fetishes are
to be explored and played with to see what new things they can bring to you and
your life. Just because you enjoy giving oral sex to a guy that is dressed up
like a cheerleader doesn’t make you a sick minded individual. It just means
that you are in touch with your sexual desires and you are willing to try new
things from time to time.


Life is meant to live and the
only way you can do that to its fullest is by trying things you might not have
thought of trying before. Experience is the key to an exciting life and, while
you may not want to experience what it is like to go sky diving, there is no
reason why you shouldn’t experience something just as exciting in your sex
life. Go out and have some fun with your mens sex fetish and see what
your life has to offer you. You might be surprised at the things you find
yourself doing and, if you don’t enjoy it, then don’t go through it again. It is
pretty simple to tell yourself no and move on instead of feeling guilty and
full of regret for not doing something.


Imagine what life was like
hundreds of years ago when things like sex and mens sex fetish aspects
were never discussed in public. They were always left in the bedroom and you
never knew if the person you were with was going to be open to your fetish or
not, or that you were going to be open to that persons fetish, either. These
days, you have the internet with its endless amount of information and ways of
contacting people of like mind. It is harder to find someone that thinks your
fetish is disgusting than it is to find someone that is willing to give in to
your fetish and have fun with it. Of course, you should be careful with people
you meet online, especially when you are dealing with mens sex fetish
aspects. You never know who you are going to meet up with and that can be just
as bad as turning up naked in a church mass if you aren’t careful. Unless, of
course, your fetish is being naked in a church, then you might just have found
the perfect person for you to be with. To each his own, and all that.


The most important thing
about mens sex fetish is to enjoy yourself. You don’t have to sit at
home looking at websites and wishing that you had someone to share your fetish
with. There are plenty of people out there that enjoy the same things you do
and all you have to do is find them. Once you find a group of people that have
the same fetish that you do, then you can get to know them and start exploring
the different aspects of your fetish. There will more than likely be aspects to
your fetish that you never knew were there and had never thought of before.
This gives you the perfect option for trying out new things and enjoying those
things with people that feel the same way you do towards sex and the pleasures
you can get from it.


Never feel like you are an
outsider when it comes to your sex fetish. You should, instead, control your
fetish and use it to make sex a more pleasurable aspect in your life. This is
the whole reason you have a fetish to begin with, and there’s no reason why you
can’t find someone to share that fetish with. You just have to gather the
strength to let other people know what your fetish is and, once you do, you
will find a massive support system and people that will understand you better
than anyone else ever could. Then, you can go to Koalaswim.com and find all the
erotic fetish wear that you could ever want and really bring your mens sex
into a whole new light with all the fun that happens to go along
with things of that nature. You will never know what you are missing if you
don’t get out there and at least try to find other fetish lovers like you.