Disclosing My Mens Sex Fetish


I have a mens sex fetish and I have no issues with letting people know about it. Granted, I don’t come out to strangers on the sidewalk but, if someone starts up a conversation in regards to anything sexual in nature, I have no problems chiming in about the things that I enjoy. This usually causes a few looks in my direction that end up being a bit confused. I suppose it’s a good thing that I enjoy confusing people at times. You see, trying to explain things like this to some people is beyond annoying for me. It’s like they don’t want to know about things that are new to them.

Having a mens sex fetish does not make me some kind of degenerate like most people would think. In fact, there are a lot of guys in the world that have this fetish and they are pillars of the community as long as they keep things like this type of fetish a secret. However, I am one of those guys that doesn’t care if my secret is announced to the world, as long as I get the chance to explain it. Unfortunately, the explaining part is usually what most people don’t want to hear.

Learning that someone you know has a mens sex fetish can be difficult for some people, but when a total stranger tells you about their fetish; it can be uncomfortable. I try not to tell strangers except there are times when I just can’t help myself. Especially if it is someone that I would like to have some fun with. Of course I have learned to not use something like this as my opening statement when meeting new people in the club, though. It usually freaks them out and the ones that it doesn’t freak out think they are going to have some fun right there in the bathroom. I suppose I’m not the only freak out in the world after all.


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Finding Others to Share My Mens Sex Fetish



Enjoying my mens sex fetish has gotten a lot easier over the years. I think it has a lot to do with the Internet allowing people to explore things in life that they might not otherwise have shared with people. Being able to find others in the world that enjoy the same things that you do helps bring these fetishes out into the light for everyone to see. Once people start realizing that there are others out there that share these same interests and feelings; it makes it easier to find something that won’t judge you anymore.

I have been involved in this mens sex fetish for most of my life but I wasn’t always able to enjoy it in the past. I would have to spend a lot of time trying to meet someone in person and steer the conversations around to the fetish that I was hoping they would enjoy as much as I do. Of course that didn’t always work out for the best, but now it is much easier to log online and find a group of guys talking about the fetish that is such a huge part of my life. I can usually join right in and start having fun immediately, too.

Of course meeting guys online that enjoy a mens sex fetish isn’t always the safest thing to do. There are a lot of weirdoes out in the world and you have to be careful about where you meet them just to be on the safe side. Of course I don’t meet that many guys in real life as I am just as happy to enjoy my fetish online as I am anyway else. On the other hand, when I do hook up with someone, I always make sure to meet them in public, during the day, and usually with a friend along just to be on the safe side.



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Learning When to Speak about Your Mens Sex Fetish

When it comes to having a mens sex fetish, most people aren’t going to see it as something normal. I know his because I have this kind of fetish and, when I was younger, I tried explaining it to people. I lost a lot of possible friends by doing something like that and regret it deeply now that I am older. On the other hand, I have learned from those mistakes and I don’t tell anyone about my fetish unless I find out that they too enjoy something similar to what I do. Then, I will tell them about everything I like.

Trying to keep your mens sex fetish a secret can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but it’s worth the effort. I have had to come up with a lot of excuses because people have found me involved in something to do with my fetish that they probably shouldn’t have seen. Every time that happens, though, it seems like they don’t fully believe me and I end up seeing them less and less as the months go by. Until one day you realize that this person hasn’t been in your life for a long time.

I do have a couple of friends that I have shared my secret mens sex fetish with and they still accept me for who I am. I even have a few that enjoy the same fetish and they just didn’t know it until I told them about mine. One friend even thought there was something wrong with him until he found out that there were plenty of other men in the world that enjoyed the same fetish as he did. He didn’t even know about it until we started up a conversation that turned into a fetish talk. Now he comes to me all the time with things that he has found out, which is a bit odd to say the least. But I guess he just needs to talk to someone he can trust.




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Keeping a Mens Sex Fetish Secret

Keeping a Mens Sex Fetish Secret

When it
comes to my mens sex fetish, I like to think that I am not the only one out
there that enjoys it. I think that there are a lot of guys that enjoy a good
mens fetish now and then and that makes me feel a little more normal. Of course,
I am not going to come right out and ask someone if he enjoys fetishes like the
ones that I do, but I don’t have any problem with looking around online for
others that do. It’s quite interesting to see just how many men in this world
have some kind of fetish.

Not all mens
sex fetish aspects are going to be accepted by the general public. In fact,
even talking about some of the fetishes that are in existence can land you in
trouble with anyone that might be listening in to your conversation. The funny
thing is that my fetish is nothing more than a fantasy that I wouldn’t ever act
upon even given the chance. I think it’s more exciting to know that I will
never do it in real life, but can enjoy it as a fantasy in the privacy of my
own bedroom.

If you have
a mens sex fetish that you don’t think others would be comfortable with, then
you should find guys online that you can talk to. I know it helped me come to
the realization that there was nothing mentally wrong with me once I was able
to find some people to talk to about it. I won’t go into any details about my
fetish, but 99 percent of the world population would probably end up having me
stoned to death if they found out what it was. But it is just a fetish and I am
not hurting anyone when I think about it so I will continue to enjoy it until
my final day.

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Take Your Mens Sex Fetish out of the Closet

Take Your Mens Sex Fetish out of the Closet

The reason I
enjoy my mens sex fetish is fairly simple; nothing else I have tried makes me
feel as good as this fetish does. A lot of guys in this world have a fetish,
even if they are afraid to accept or acknowledge it to themselves. The thought
of having a fetish makes some guys feel that there is something wrong with them,
especially if the fetish they are truly interested in has been degraded by
everyone around them. It could be compared to going to dinner with a group of
vegans and ordering a rare steak to eat.

On the other
side of the coin, you have some mens sex fetish options that are so benign that
most guys wouldn’t even consider them a fetish. These would be things like
calling yourself a “leg man” and constantly commenting on the legs of the
women, or men, that are walking by. Legs turn you on and you will always
comment on them every time you see some that you find to be sexy. There is
nothing wrong with that, but you need to understand that it is actually a
fetish that you have and accept that there are other fetishes out there as

My mens sex
fetish isn’t as benign as just liking legs or anything, but it’s not the worst
one that I have ever seen, either. There are some pretty strange fetishes
available these days and it seems like the Internet has done quite a lot to
bring them out into the public view. The more guys that see a certain fetish
and get turned on the more common place it will become so that others won’t
have to feel uncomfortable because they simply want to enjoy themselves. If
everyone would accept that having a fetish just might be a good thing, then
there probably wouldn’t be so many stuck up prudes out there judging people.


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Finding Someone to Share Your Mens Sex Fetish

Finding Someone to Share Your Mens Sex Fetish

When it
comes to enjoying your mens sex fetish, the first thing you are going to want
to do is find any sex wear or toys that are available for it. These items will
go a long way towards showing you a deeper aspect of your fetish and that will
help you enjoy it more than you ever thought possible. Another thing to
consider is finding someone that you can share your fetish with. Some guys may
think that is a bad idea, but the truth is there will be others out there that
have the same fetish you have. It’s just up to you to find them.

The mens sex
fetish that I participate in actually requires having another person there or
it just won’t work out properly for me. So I have had to scour the Internet and
personal ads in the hopes of finding someone that would be willing to join in
with me. It took me a couple of months before I was able to find someone that I
could trust with my fetish, but putting in that kind of effort made it even
better. I never really knew what I was getting involved in until I started
playing around with another person.

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Your mens
sex fetish is something that you should take very seriously when looking for
someone to share it with you. If you go about something like this half-heartedly,
then you are going to find it rather difficult to find someone that feels the
same way you do about any kind of fetish. But if you take your time and
research the people that are interested in joining you and your fetish for a
night of fun, you will be able to weed out all the weirdoes that are simply looking
for something new to do on a Friday night.

Mens Sex Fetish Has No Limits

Mens Sex Fetish Has No Limits

When it comes
to having a mens sex fetish these days you are only limited by your
imagination. The funny thing is that no matter what you come up with as your
own sex fetish, there are going to be others in the world that have the exact
same fetish. It doesn’t matter what you might think about the fetish you have,
someone else has already came up with the idea. Chances are good that they are
looking for someone to enjoy it with them just like you are. It’s a great way
to find others that feel the same way about life as you do.

Some of the
mens sex fetish aspects that are around these days are a bit awkward for most
people to accept, though. They don’t understand what it means to have an
uncontrollable urge to pleasure themselves in ways that seem out of the
ordinary. They may think they are living their lives in complete happiness but
they are fooling themselves. They will never know what true happiness is until
they actually find a way of experiencing life in a whole new light. This
usually means that they go on living their lives as they always have and
pretend they are happy when they truly aren’t.

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You would be
amazed at how many guys in the world have a mens sex fetish without letting
anyone else know about it. These guys usually end up having all kinds of
strange fetish ideas and, if it were to get out, then people would consider
them to be completely nuts. But having a fetish shouldn’t make you feel like
someone is going to think badly about you just because you know exactly what it
is that makes you happy. All you have to do is find someone that you can share
your secret with and enjoy your life the way you want to. Until that time
comes, enjoy your fetish by yourself and smile at the secret you have.

Finding Your Mens Sex Fetish

Finding Your Mens Sex Fetish

There is
nothing I like better than enjoying my mens sex fetish with someone that I can
trust explicitly. I find that meeting others that have the same fetish that I
do used to be rather difficult and, therefore, the trust issue never seemed to
pan out all that much. But since I have started looking around online I have
been able to meet all kinds of people in the world. I was always afraid that my
fetish would scare people off once they found out exactly what it was that
truly turned me on, but the Internet has shown me that there are millions of
others that enjoy the exact same thing.

Having a
mens sex fetish doesn’t make you any less of a man like some people want you to
believe. In fact, you can feel like more of a man than you ever have simply by
enjoying yourself while loving your fetish. Allow yourself to fully experience
your fetish in all its glory and you will soon see why so many other men seem
to be the happiest guys on the planet when you see them out in public. It all
depends on your acceptance of the particular fetish you have and whether or not
you are willing to give in.

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I have had a
lot of fun with my mens sex fetish over the years and I do not regret a single
moment enjoying it. I have allowed myself to accept the person that I am,
especially when it comes to the excitement that I find in the bedroom with my
particular fetish. There is nothing better than showing yourself that you can
truly enjoy your life by finding a fetish that you truly feel connected to. If
you don’t have one, then you should be looking at everything fetish related out
there until you find one that turns you on more than anything else in the

The Many Definitions of a Mens Sex Fetish

The Many Definitions of a Mens Sex Fetish

When you think about a mens sex fetish, many things
may come into your mind. For instance, is this talking about a sex fetish
involving men? And, if so, what would that mean? Would it mean that someone has
a fetish for men? If so, then that could be true of a lot of people of both
genders. In fact, there are probably just as many men these days that crave
other men as there are women that must have men in their lives.

On the other hand, when you start thinking about it
in different terms, you may decide that a mens sex fetish is simply what each
individual man has a “thing” for when it comes to what sexually arouses him. If
that’s the case, then the list of fetishes is a very long and varied one. The
things on that list include fetishes involving feet, hands, lips, asses,
breasts, leather, vinyl, rubber, chastity, domination, and too many more things
to mention in such a small space. But you get the idea. A fetish is whatever
gets your motor running and keeps it that way no matter how many times you see
it, use it or whatever.

The thing you need to remember is that a mens sex
fetish is simply something that he must have when it comes to excitement and arousal.
While he may not always have to have it to get aroused, he will most certainly
always get aroused when presented with his fetish. For instance, suppose a guy
has a fetish for feet. Now, he’ll be able to perform adequately when it comes
to sex without having feet as the focal point of the encounter. On the other
hand, if he sees a pair of feet that he deems totally hot and sexy, his cock is
going to instantly stand at attention. Does that make more sense?

It seems as if it is still up to each individual as
to the definition of this term. So decide what it means to you and you’ll still
be correct.

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Accepting My Mens Sex Fetish

Accepting My Mens Sex Fetish

Having a mens sex fetish was something that I
thought was a bit perverted just a few years ago. I never understood why anyone
would fall into something that took such preparation to be involved in just to
enjoy a sexual encounter for the most part. It didn’t matter what kind of
fetish it was, either; they all seemed to be a bit out of the realm of reality
to me. But then something changed and I was forced to come to terms with the
fact that there was much more going on than a simple perversion.

The first ever mens sex fetish that I had a personal
hand in was some light bondage with an ex-partner of mine. It wasn’t anything
overly done up or anything like that. Just a light tying of the hands and feet
to the bedposts, but it was the act of lying there in this position that made
me realize that there must be something more to these fetishes than what I had
originally thought. So I decided to go out into the world and see what some of
these other fetishes were like and whether or not I could handle them for any
length of time.

It has been a couple of years since that first incident
of being tied up and I have tried plenty of different male sex fetish aspects
in that time. While I won’t say that I have tried them all; there are a few of
them that I would never feel comfortable with, I have tried enough of them to
understand why so many men are looking to experience something a bit different
from what everyone else is experiencing. Being able to look at things from both
perspectives has taught me a valuable lesson, and that I absolutely love having
a fetish now.

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