Finding Mens Sex Fetish Like Minds


Having a mens sex fetish can sometimes be a rather lonely experience. This is especially true when that fetish is one of those that not many people actually have or would even understand. Nothing can make a guy feel worse than having others make fun of his fetish. This happens even when the people making jokes have no clue that a man with that particular fetish is standing right there in their midst.


If you happen to be one of those men that feels isolated because of his fetish, you must start to think of it in a different way. For instance, consider that your mens sex fetish is so very special that you must keep it a secret. Now, take that a step further and realize that having a secret of this nature can be a lot of fun because you will have a reason to smile when others happen to bring up the subject of weird fetishes. Your fetish can be anything you want. After all, it is your fetish.


Something else that you might want to consider is searching online for some forums or communities of other people that share your fetish. Nothing can make you feel better than to find like minds in an area of a mens sex fetish that also belongs to you. These online places allow you to be comfortable as you chat with others that understand all about your fetish and just how much it means to you. These are the places to go to ask questions, answer questions and generally be open about how much you love your fetish. You’ll discover quite quickly that you’re not so weird at all, even if the fetish is weird to outsiders. It may even be that you’ll find a club of others with your fetish where you can attend regular meetings and have fun exchanging anecdotes about your fetish. There’s a group for everything. You just have to look for it.


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Mens Sex Fetish and Excitement



Enjoying my mens sex fetish is one of those things that I just can’t get enough of. I know that there are plenty of guys in the world that have a fetish they enjoy, but I just don’t think their fetish is as sexy as mine. Most guys would probably think the exact same thing as I do about their fetish, but I don’t think they are enjoying themselves as much as I do. I just can’t resist telling everyone I know about it so that they might be able to understand why I enjoy it so much.

My mens sex fetish is something that I have worked hard to perfect. Of course it takes a decent amount of research as well. The good news is that my fetish is fun even when I am looking at it online and that is something that a lot of guys don’t get to experience in with their fetish. Although, there are the fetishes that guys can only enjoy when they are online so there is that. But mine is something that transcends the whole personal versus online only aspects. Either way you look at it, though; this is one of the sexiest fetishes ever.


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If you are looking to get involved in a mens sex fetish, then I suggest you go online to see what it’s all about first. You might end up finding out something about it that you don’t actually enjoy which is better than being in the middle of it all and finding out. It’s hard to explain something like this to someone that hasn’t been involved in it, but it does happen. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about things like that since I am completely accepting of the fetish that I have and nothing is going to stop me from enjoying it. Most people with fetishes probably feel that way, though.

Keeping a Mens Sex Fetish Secret

Keeping a Mens Sex Fetish Secret

When it
comes to my mens sex fetish, I like to think that I am not the only one out
there that enjoys it. I think that there are a lot of guys that enjoy a good
mens fetish now and then and that makes me feel a little more normal. Of course,
I am not going to come right out and ask someone if he enjoys fetishes like the
ones that I do, but I don’t have any problem with looking around online for
others that do. It’s quite interesting to see just how many men in this world
have some kind of fetish.

Not all mens
sex fetish aspects are going to be accepted by the general public. In fact,
even talking about some of the fetishes that are in existence can land you in
trouble with anyone that might be listening in to your conversation. The funny
thing is that my fetish is nothing more than a fantasy that I wouldn’t ever act
upon even given the chance. I think it’s more exciting to know that I will
never do it in real life, but can enjoy it as a fantasy in the privacy of my
own bedroom.

If you have
a mens sex fetish that you don’t think others would be comfortable with, then
you should find guys online that you can talk to. I know it helped me come to
the realization that there was nothing mentally wrong with me once I was able
to find some people to talk to about it. I won’t go into any details about my
fetish, but 99 percent of the world population would probably end up having me
stoned to death if they found out what it was. But it is just a fetish and I am
not hurting anyone when I think about it so I will continue to enjoy it until
my final day.

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Amazing Mens Sex Fetish

Amazing Mens Sex Fetish

your mens sex fetish is something that has become easier to do than ever
before. It used to be that you had to find a club or something where the
members all loved the same fetishes, but those clubs were usually hard to find
unless you had friends that invited you. Now, with the explosion of the Internet
it’s become much easier for guys to find others that enjoy the same fetishes
that they do. In fact, there are thousands of sites out there that even have
forums that you can use to hook up with others that feel the same way you do.

It’s amazing that guys have come to accept so many different mens sex fetish aspects these days. I can remember when there were only a couple of different fetishes that were common place. Now, it seems like the ones that were a bit out there for most people have become the norm. But finding someone that feels the same way you do about certain sex fetishes is one of the greatest pleasures you will ever have in your life. Being able to share something that is so private with another person and they still like being around you is indescribable.

I have tried
many different mens sex fetish aspects in my life and nothing is better than
having the ability to share it with someone else. I have had to hide my
fetishes from others for a very long time and getting the chance to explore
what it’s like with another person is like having Christmas every single day
for the rest of your life. Sometimes, you just have to try something different
in order to experience the feelings and sensations that will truly show just
how alive you can be. I would highly suggest finding a sex fetish that you can
be happy with and enjoy for as long as possible. Once you do, it will all
become clear.

Mens Sex Fetish Has No Limits

Mens Sex Fetish Has No Limits

When it comes
to having a mens sex fetish these days you are only limited by your
imagination. The funny thing is that no matter what you come up with as your
own sex fetish, there are going to be others in the world that have the exact
same fetish. It doesn’t matter what you might think about the fetish you have,
someone else has already came up with the idea. Chances are good that they are
looking for someone to enjoy it with them just like you are. It’s a great way
to find others that feel the same way about life as you do.

Some of the
mens sex fetish aspects that are around these days are a bit awkward for most
people to accept, though. They don’t understand what it means to have an
uncontrollable urge to pleasure themselves in ways that seem out of the
ordinary. They may think they are living their lives in complete happiness but
they are fooling themselves. They will never know what true happiness is until
they actually find a way of experiencing life in a whole new light. This
usually means that they go on living their lives as they always have and
pretend they are happy when they truly aren’t.

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You would be
amazed at how many guys in the world have a mens sex fetish without letting
anyone else know about it. These guys usually end up having all kinds of
strange fetish ideas and, if it were to get out, then people would consider
them to be completely nuts. But having a fetish shouldn’t make you feel like
someone is going to think badly about you just because you know exactly what it
is that makes you happy. All you have to do is find someone that you can share
your secret with and enjoy your life the way you want to. Until that time
comes, enjoy your fetish by yourself and smile at the secret you have.

Sharing Your Mens Sex Fetish with Your Partner

Sharing Your Mens Sex Fetish with Your Partner

My mens sex
fetish is the only thing that keeps me happy these days. I have given up so
much for others to be happy that I almost forgot what it was like to be happy
myself. That is until I found out that I had a particular fetish involving anal
sex. I don’t count myself as being in the gay or bisexual community, but I do
enjoy anal play as often as I possibly can. Even my wife has realized that
there is a lot of excitement that can be had from a fetish like this, especially
with me.

I know that
there are other mens sex fetish aspects out there that I could be involving
myself in, but this is the one that truly speaks to me. I don’t understand why
I hadn’t thought about trying something like this out sooner in my life, but I
am glad that I finally came around to my senses. I am also happy that I gave up
any thoughts of trying to hide this fetish from my wife. She has been more
accepting of this than I ever thought she would be, and that makes it all worth
it as far as I am concerned.

If you have
some kind of mens sex fetish that you enjoy, but you aren’t sure how your
partner is going to accept it, I suggest sitting down with them and simply
talking about it. I told my wife how it made me feel and she got a smile on her
face. It was as if she already knew what I was going to say to her and she was
just relieved that I trusted her enough to say something to her. Give your
partner a chance to show you that they understand you and talk to them about it
so that you can start living a happy life as well.


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The Darker Side of a Mens Sex Fetish

Mens Sex Fetish

The Darker Side of a Mens Sex Fetish

Any guy that
has a true mens sex fetish will tell you that it’s difficult to get on with his
life unless he is able to enjoy his fetish whenever he can. These guys will do
whatever they can to make sure their fetish is enjoyed as often as possible,
but will still try to keep it secret to everyone around them. If you are
planning on going down this path, then you will understand why it needs to be
kept a secret from others, especially if your fetish happens to be a bit on the
darker side of things.

The darker
the mens sex fetish you have the more of a secret you are going to want to keep
it. You will find that it will become even harder to find someone that will be
willing to explore these dark fetishes with you, but there are others out there
that will share your love of whatever type of fetish you might have. You just
have to be extra careful with whom you share your fetish with and how you are
going to ask someone if they enjoy the same types of things as you. Take your
time and always be mindful of how you say your words when looking for someone.
It can make all the difference.


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Mens Sex Fetish Types

Mens Sex Fetish Types

When you
start looking for mens sex fetish information online, you are going to find
that you need to narrow your search down a bit. Either that or spend all your
waking hours for the next couple of years looking through the results. I knew
that men had a lot of fetishes, but I never imagined the millions upon millions
of results some basic fetish search would bring up. It kind of makes you wonder
if the Internet helped create these fetishes or if they had always been there
and it just became easier for other guys to find each other.

Some of the
mens sex fetish sites that I came across weren’t all that shy about exposing
the deepest and darkest secrets of their respective fetishes, either. In fact,
there were more than one that actually scared me enough to have my hard drive
cleaned out completely and my operating system reinstalled. I am pretty
open-minded when it comes to most things, but some of those fetishes shouldn’t
be enjoyed in my opinion. But as I always say, what people do in the privacy of
their bedroom is between them and their partners, or life like robotic sex dolls,
if that is what it takes. I don’t have to be a part of the really weird ones.


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Sharing Your Mens Sex Fetish

Sharing Your Mens Sex Fetish

Nothing is
sexier than a man that admits he has a mens sex fetish and isn’t afraid to show
that fetish off. Of course, you do have to be careful of whom you show that
fetish off to, but when you find the right person to share it with, you will
know just how sexy you really are. Your partner will be telling you about your
sexiness every single chance they get, and that will make you want to enjoy
your fetish with them even more than you already do. Naturally, you have to
find that person first.

The best way
of finding other mens sex fetish guys out there is to start looking around
online. You will find numerous forums and chat rooms that are involved in all
kinds of mens fetishes, and there will be someone there that will enjoy it as
much as you do. Just be careful about the people you meet online as you never
know exactly who it is you are talking to, but also have fun with it and don’t
turn it into your only purpose in life. At least wait until you have met that person
in real life, and then figure out how to make it your single purpose.


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Be Careful of Sharing Your Mens Sex Fetish

Be Careful of Sharing Your Mens Sex Fetish

I have
always had a mens sex fetish that was a bit odd to anyone I happened to share
it with. Of course, by the way most people reacted to me telling them what my
fetish was; I found it necessary to not tell anyone else for fear of the same
reactions. It’s difficult to live your life the way you want to when you are in
constant fear of ridicule from those around you that know about it. After a
while, I had to move to another town and start over again from scratch. It was
the only way I could be happy with myself.

Now, I don’t
tell anyone what my mens sex fetish is in the hopes that people will treat me
like any other person. I have found a few people online that have the same
fetish and I can talk to them about it whenever I need to. They have
experienced the same issues that I have and being blacklisted by your own
family is never fun. They understand that and can be compassionate about the
feelings I have towards the people I once trusted and are now shunned by. If it
wasn’t for the Internet, I probably would have been alone for the rest of my


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