Mens sex wear caught from behind

Mens sex wear entails so many designs but to qualify as mens sex wear there much be an erotic and sexual edge to the product. With designs from mens swimwear, anal wear, sex spandex, Lycra fetish wear, cock stretchers and so much more their entire line screams mens sex wear. Total intensity all the time. Some of my favorite designs include anal plugs, butt plugs, combo cock rings and yes even large single and double bump ass hooks. Now if a suit is stretching your cock and has a large sex hook way up inside of you there is little doubt about how turned on you will be. When I wear the ass hooks styles I start milking semen as soon ass the hook is up my ass. It happens every time and it leads to very intense orgasms. The one shown below is one of the hottest mens sex wear designs.


Mens sex wear

Mens sex wear with ass hook by

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