Loving Lycra Mens sex fetish

Lycra and cock, cock and spandex, hard cock wearing a spandex Speedo, Beautiful cock of any size tiny to large in a Lycra sex suit or spandex cock suit. This is one of the mens sex fetish loves of mine. I love showing off my small cock in a tiny micro g-string on a busy beach. I am wet the entire time. Extreme mens swimwear is another mens sex fetish I am into.

When I am not getting my cock rubbed wearing spandex my girlfriend/ master forces my little cock into a very extreme male chastity device and slips on her strap on dildo to fuck me hard. She even lets her friends male and female watch! A mens sex fetish on its own.



Diablo Cock Master a Koalaswim design by Michael David

When it
comes to stimulating your cock during sex, there have been numerous ways of
accomplishing that special feeling, but nothing comes close to using a Diablo Cock Master Spandex system. This
wondrous design gives you the ultimate in sexual gratification by utilizing
rubber cock and ball straps and an adjustable shaft design to make your cock
harder than it has ever been before. The Diablo line of suits is one of the
most popular designs in koalaswim.com history, and definitely one that you
should try out.

You may
think that using a cock ring will give you the stimulation you need, but when
you use a Diablo Cock Master, you are
going to see that the single cock ring concept is extremely overrated. Being
able to adjust the shaft strap to the desired tightness gives you the
opportunity to maneuver your cock in ways you never thought possible as well.
This means you can have the best possible feeling for both you and your partner
while you are wearing this particular design. Now, that is something that a lot
of other designs may not be able to give you.

There are
plenty of options on the market for any guy that wants to have a little fun,
but when you want to take your sexual encounters, whether with another person
or by yourself, to a higher level, then you have to get yourself a Diablo Cock Master. Other cock
stimulation devices may work a couple of times before you get used to them, but
this unique Spandex design will keep you going all night long. You have to
break free from your usual sexual routines and jump into something different
that will give you the excitement that you deserve and the fun that you have
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